Your guide to conveyancing

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another. It can often be a complex and time consuming business, but our expert conveyancers* will help progress your sale or purchase as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the chances of a sale or purchase falling through.

What we offer to buyers or sellers

  • Regional firms that you know and trust
  • No legal fees to pay if the sale or purchase fails to complete - guaranteed
  • Competitive charges
  • Online case tracking ability

Regional firms of lawyers and conveyancers

We hand pick law firms that we know will deliver a first-class service. We have many years of experience in dealing with property sales and purchases and have selected highly skilled regional law firms who have agreed to do all they can to ensure your transaction proceeds as quickly and smoothly as possible.

No legal fees to pay if the sale or purchase fails to complete

You no longer have to worry about a hefty legal bill if your sale or purchase does not proceed to completion** because the firms on our panel have agreed not to charge for their legal fees in such an event. This does exclude fixed disbursements, such as searches and the cost of any additional work which you may have agreed separately with the firm.

Competitive charges

We have negotiated sensible fees with our law firms so you can be sure you are not paying over the odds and that there will be no nasty surprises when you get the final bill. All charges are made clear and in writing before you accept the quotation. Should you decide to use Move With Us for conveyancing services we would expect to receive a referral fee approximately worth between £269.60 and £279.60 including VAT per referral. You can find out more about our referral fees here.

Dedicated customer care

We have a centralised team of local property experts. They will initially discuss your sale or purchase requirements and then arrange for a written quotation. You are free to ask any questions or clarify anything you do not understand before committing. When you want to proceed we instruct the law firm through an online system to streamline and accelerate the whole process. It is a well known fact that the longer a case takes to complete the more chance of the seller or buyer withdrawing from the transaction.

Online case tracking

By using one of our hand picked law firms you are given free-of-charge access to the online case tracking service. With a unique log-in and password you will be able to access full details of how your sale or purchase is proceeding at any time of the day or night. Each time progress is made on your case, you will receive an automatic email alert. The case tracking shows each stage of the conveyancing process and you will also be able to see the notes made by the law firm staff detailing what they are doing. 

You won't need to visit the conveyancer's office for meetings, leaving more of your time free to organise your move.

* The conveyancers are external firms that would act on your behalf.
** This does exclude fixed disbursements, such as searches and the cost of any additional work which you may have agreed separately with the firm.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to choose a solicitor straight away?

    Although it is not essential it is always advisable to be legally prepared as soon as possible. This will enable you to act quickly when you have found a buyer or the house of your dreams. There is a minimal cost to yourself, which is refundable should the transaction not proceed and is discounted from the final bill on completion. It's one less thing to arrange, meaning a faster transaction and a faster move!

  • If I have a problem with the law firm will Nottingham Estate Agency or Harrison Murray help me?

    Yes, we certainly will. You can call the Customer Care Centre and they will help to deal with any problems in the unlikely event that something is not to your satisfaction.

  • Do I have to use a Nottingham Estate Agency or Harrison Murray law firm?

    No, of course not. You are completely free to choose any firm you wish but please remember that many firms do not operate a no completion – no legal fee policy and may not disclose extra charges in their headline quotation.

  • Will there be any other legal costs?

    There are no legal fees in addition to those quoted at the outset unless they are agreed separately with you by the law firm. This would only occur if unforeseen problems made it necessary for the firm to carry out additional work and would not be incurred without your prior agreement. Disbursement costs such as buying searches will be charged in addition to the fees and will be confirmed at the time of quotation.

  • This all sounds very good. What do I do next?

    Call one of our centralised team of local property experts on 0115 275 4710 or email

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