What home improvements take your fancy when buying or selling?

With February the month of romance and falling in love – what takes your fancy home improvement-wise if you are planning to move?

Adding a new kitchen or bathroom may add value to your property if you are selling, but will your taste and ideas surrounding improvements be top of a buyer’s wish list?

Recent research into home improvements* polled 2,000 current homeowners, including those who are looking to move in future, to identify their most loved or loathed home improvements.

Ranking top of the most favourable changes to a property were indoor/outdoor flow – through features like conservatories or French windows at 58 per cent – closely followed by a separate dining room (56 per cent) and a home entertainment room (44 per cent)

Meanwhile, pebble dashing (52 per cent), crazy paving (43 per cent) and coloured bathroom suites (42 per cent) featured in the top three most loathed home improvements.

Harrison Murray Estate Agency and Nottingham Estate Agency (both part of The Nottingham) have advice for people looking to make improvements to their home.

Su Snaith, Head of Estate Agency, said: “This research is very interesting in the fact that some trends have more enduring appeal than others. While some buyers may have less cash available to make alterations to their new home when they move in, it does mean that some features may be a deal breaker.

“While some home improvements may add value to a home – provided they are carried out safely and to a high standard – others could actually hinder a sale, and see sellers themselves forking out for repairs if the work hasn’t been done correctly.”

Su added: “Sometimes, the most simple things can have a great impact visually, and can be achieved without having to spend a small fortune.”

  • Give your home a mini-makeover with a simple coat of neutral coloured paint to freshen up walls and paintwork.
  • Hire a carpet-cleaning machine for the weekend and give your carpets a deep cleansing shampoo - it will make all the difference.
  • Give your kitchen cupboards and units a new look with replacement doors and handles - which is far cheaper than a complete kitchen overhaul.
  • Replace the grouting around sinks and baths to give an instantly brighter and cleaner look, making bathrooms and cloakrooms more attractive.
  • Make sure the doorbell and smoke alarms are in good working order and replace the batteries if necessary.
  • Weather permitting, hire or borrow a pressure washer to make the patio gleaming again.
  • Don't forget that only qualified contractors should alter gas or electrical installations.

Most loved home improvements (according to the survey):
Indoor/outdoor flow 58 per cent
Separate dining room 56 per cent
TV/music/cinema room 44 per cent
Wet room 43 per cent
Decking 40 per cent
Dressing room 39 per cent
Open plan living 39 per cent
Gym/exercise area 25 per cent
Coloured bathroom suite 20 per cent
Crazy paving 15 per cent

Most loathed home improvements:
Pebble dashing 52 per cent
Crazy paving 42 per cent
Coloured bathroom suite 42 per cent
Gym/exercise area 26 per cent
Decking 23 per cent
Open plan living 22 per cent
Wet room 16 per cent
TV/music/cinema room 14 per cent
Dressing room 11 per cent
Indoor/outdoor flow 7 per cent
Separate dining room 7 per cent

*research: Anglian Home Improvements

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