What is selective licensing? And what could it mean for landlords?

The aim of Selective Licensing is to cut down on the number of ‘rogue landlords’, to improve living standards and address challenges surrounding any anti-social tenants.

Under the system, any landlord who fails to apply for a license for their property/properties or doesn’t achieve acceptable management standards will be the subject of enforcement action.

This is only happening in certain areas of the country at the moment. But here at HM Lettings and The Nottingham we can guide you through this process.

Here our Network Lettings Manager, Stephen Reade gives his guidance “As an established letting agency that is part of one of the country’s biggest mutual building societies, The Nottingham, we are absolutely committed to, and support the idea of, improved living standards for people and fully understand landlords need to keep a close eye on yields.

“We want to be forward thinking by informing landlords about what could happen in the future and the possible implications for them. Ultimately there is a real fear that these increased costs may be passed on to tenants in the form of higher rents as landlords have already had higher tax implications.

“That’s where we feel our expertise in this sector can help - we want to be having conversations about this with landlords, and potential landlords, to help answer any questions they may have and work towards ensuring their investment doesn’t become a liability.

“Landlords shouldn’t bury their heads in the sand on this one - Selective Licensing could be coming their way and we can assist them in advance of that happening.

“We welcome the conversation and are more than happy to pop the kettle on and have a discussion with anyone who has any questions or concerns.”

Speak to us at hmlettings.co.uk today.


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